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Facilities Management Officer


  1. Job Particulars
TITLE: Facilities Management Officer  GRADE:
DEVELOPMENT:  March 2019 REVISED BY : Rector

Human Resource & Organisational Development Manager


To provide guidance on maintenance, upgrading and management of all CAS physical infrastructure, ensuring that it is operational and in good condition at all times.



  1. Develop and Manage service provider’s contracts for services such as security, parking and cleaning.
  2. Monitor the performance of the vendor/ service providers as per the signed contracts
  3. Supervise multi-disciplinary teams of staff including cleaning, maintenance, and ground to security and drivers.
  4. Ensure that basic facilities such as water and heating are well maintained.
  5. Allocate and manage space between buildings.
  6. Ensures that facilities meet government regulations and environmental, health and security standards.
  7. Oversee building projects, renovations and refurbishments.
  8. Deal with emergency issues that arise, generally be involved in anything that breaches the safety, security and usability of facilities.
  9. Formulate CAS expansion plan and project future requirements for CAS.
  10. Assists the department by developing departmental policies and procedures for assigned areas of responsibility, administering preventative maintenance for facilities, inspecting facilities to determine repair or replacement needs.



1.           Assist in the maintenance of safe campus environment by ensuring all fire protection systems are in place.

2.           Serves as a project manager and coordinates all physical infrastructural activities.

3.           Supervise the performance of emergency and routine maintenance on campus facilities.

4.           Any other relevant duties as may be assigned from time to time by management.



Bachelor Degree in Administration, Business or Property Management or equivalent professional qualification with 5 years relevant work experience or Diploma in Business Administration/Property Management + 8 years’ experience as a Built Facilities Officer

Key Skills and Attributes and Personal Abilities

1               Communication and influencing skills

2               Analytical and problem solving skills

3               Decision making

4               The ability to lead and manage teams and projects

5               Team working

6               Attention to detail but also ability to see the implication for the bigger future

7           A good knowledge of IT package

CAS offers competitive remuneration.
Interested applicants should send their detailed CV and educational certificates to the Human Resources &Organizational Development Manager at the Centre for Accounting Studies, 46 Bowker, and Old Europa or email to on or before 20th August 2021.

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