As we celebrate our graduation

Class of 2019 graduates

The Centre for Accounting Studies (CAS) celebrated its 40th graduation ceremony at Lehakoe Recreation Hall on the 11th October 2019.

The ceremony was attended by 434 graduating students for the following categories:

  1. Chartered Accounting Stage – 59
  2. General Accounting Stage – 98
  3. Certified Accounting Technician Stage – 202
  4. CIMA Certificate Level – 38
  5. CIMA Management Level – 5
  6. CIPFA Certificate Stage – 20
  7. CIPA Diploma Stage – 7
  8. CIPFA Advanced Diploma Stage – 5

The Chancellor Morena Seeiso Bereng Seeiso wished them well as they move on to the next stage of their educational journey and world of work for some graduants.

Positive feedback was received from both internal and external stakeholders regarding the excellent and Professional manner in which the 2019 graduation was conducted.

Identification of candidates

The process of identifying candidates who would possibly qualify to graduate was accomplished by using the following

  1. Applications received from students
  2. Verification of results
  3. Approval of submitted results by Quality Assurance Manager

It is worth mentioning that students who had performed outstandingly well were awarded trophies and other forms of rewards (cash) and this was done through the support of companies.

CAS is committed to maintaining excellence at all levels in providing the best training for future accountants for the development of its country.