PMR Africa Award 2023

We are proud to announce that CAS has once again scooped a PMR Africa Diamond Arrow Award, and has obtained the 1st Overall Position in the category of Colleges/Training Institutions which did most in their sectors over the past 12 months to stimulate the economic growth and development of Lesotho. The conferring of awards was held at Avani Lesotho, on Monday, 11th September 2023. This prestigious Award has been afforded to the CAS for two consecutive years, 2022 and 2023.

This is a result of random rating by a national sample of 110 respondents comprising CEOs, MDs, business owners, company directors and managers, as well as senior government officials in Lesotho.

The award acts as affirmation that the institution is continuously upholding its mandate of equipping Lesotho nationals and those from the rest of the Southern African region with world class Accountancy Skills. We further commit to harnessing our cognizant academic team to continue creating the best Accountants to serve in various entities.

A thousand thanks to all members of the CAS Community who have contributed immensely towards receipt of this award.