TITLE: Registrar GRADE:

Management of Student issues and Administration and Secretary to Council and Sub committees


Human Resource & Organizational Development Manager





Has overall responsibility for administrative support functions of CAS. Directs and coordinates student’s enrolment process and serves as the custodian of the student’s records. The Secretary of the Council, Senate, Convocation and other Council sub-committees, providing the services to these bodies necessary for them to fulfil their policy making and governance roles.  The Registrar’s role as statutory secretary is to advise CAS governing structures.  In addition to facilities management, the incumbent is also accountable and responsible for all legal matters by providing legal advice to the Rector to institute and defend legal action, in order to ensure that CAS interests are always protected.




1. Secretarial Duties

·     Acts as secretary to Council, Senate and other statutory committees.  Thus the Registrar will maintain all institutional information, reports, records, and minutes, including letters addressed to the Chairman and ensure confidentiality.

·         Facilitate recruitment of Council and committee members.

·         Provide input on relevant academic policy and procedures.

·         Perform secretarial functions for the Council of the Centre.

·         Produce an annual an institutional report.

·         Produce an annual calendar of events.

2. Student Management and Administration

·         Develop student’s enrolment procedures and guidelines.

·         Develop and implement student management policies.

·         Produce student analysis report per semester.

·         Develops, administers and implements the set rules and regulations and standards for admission, prospectus and certification.

·         Develops, reviews and recommends for approval policies and procedures and administrative processes to ensure compliance with institutional and regulatory bodies.

·         Manage all examination processes and ensure strict security and confidentiality of examination papers

·         Facilitate relationships with sponsors.

·         Ensure that the institution comply with all relevant regulatory requirements, e.g. CHE; MOET

·         Accountability for the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) student and qualifications returns.

·         Establish a student centred culture within the Registrar’s office

·         Counsel and advise students

·         Ensure senior management team constantly informed of strategic developments and trends and student and academic administrative related matters, and general issues related to governance

·         Actively participate in the Lesotho Higher Education Registrar’s forum

·         Establish and maintain open communication channels with MOET, CHE and NMDS

·         Hold regular meetings with SRC;

·         Hold regular meeting with alumni executive;

·         Produce an annual calendar of events.


3.Legal Duties

·         Oversee provision of legal advice and guidance to the Rector and Governing Council and liaises with Counsel on behalf of CAS, with regard to litigation by and against CAS.

·         Review and advice on contracts.

·         Responsible, under Council delegated authority for instituting legal action in the name of CAS and defending action against CAS in any court of competent jurisdiction.

·         Plan, organize, direct, control, review and oversee the interpretation and implementation of CAS policies and legislation

4. Strategy Development, Policy and Execution

·         Provide leadership in and give advice to CAS governing bodies, committees and management

·         Contribute to the development of strategy

5. Administrative Duties

·         Interpret and implement CAS’ policies as they relate to the students.

·         Act as PRO/Spokesperson of the Centre for Accounting Studies (CAS).

·         Ensure that the CAS website is well maintained and updated as and when need arises.

·         Coordinate preparation for graduation and perform protocol functions during ceremonies.

·         Supervise all administration staff.

·         Be the custodian of all CAS contractual records;


6, Facilities Management

·         Manage any refurbishments, renovations and offices moves to ensure that they run smoothly and according to plan.

·         Upkeep and maintenance of buildings to ensure that they meet health and safety standards and also legal requirements.

·         Manage cleaning, waste disposal, security and parking, while managing the budgets and keeping records of all payments.

·         Develops administrative and facilities budget.


7. Any other duties

·         Must be familiar with at least one of the subjects taught at the CAS.

·         Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time in the interest of the CAS;




Master’s Degree with experience relative to the specific requirement of the position (Business Management, Education Governance, Corporate Governance and Ethics, Law or Professional Equivalent)  Plus five (10) years working experience in an academic institution at senior management level or have a sound knowledge of how institutions of higher learning operate.

·         Familiarity with CHE requirements

·         Strong interpersonal skills

·         Good oral and written communication

·         Good leadership qualities, and ability to plan and manage change

·         Basic skills in budgeting

·         Basic computer skills; and

·         Good knowledge and understanding of quality management

CAS offers competitive remuneration.
Interested applicants should send their detailed CV and educational certificates to the Human Resources &Organizational Development Manager at the Centre for Accounting Studies, 46 Bowker, and Old Europa or email to on or before 20th August 2021.

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