TITLE:  Lecturer





ANSWERABLE TO:  Academic Planning Manager with a matrix Rector





REVISION DATE: November 2023






  1. To disseminate technical knowledge and expertise, especially in the Professional Accountancy field by means of training (both scheduled and client specific) ,
  2. To prepare, recommend and review appropriate teaching material and files to be used in the dissemination of technical knowledge and expertise as outlined above,
  3. To undertake consultancy, prepare and conduct short courses & workshops and to conduct research as required by APM, and
  4. To undertake relevant administrative work in support of these three primary objectives as may be assigned by the APM.
  5. To work collaboratively as part of a team of academic, technical and administrative colleagues.



1.         Teaching and Learning

·         To prepare materials and keep a class file of materials used and lectures on scheduled programmes and assigned CAS short courses before the commencement of each assigned programme.

·         To deliver lectures and tutorials on scheduled courses for the subjects as assigned by the APM whereby the total lecturing and tutoring hours shall not exceed 1100 hours per annum or an average of 21 hours per week with a minimum of 3 subjects.

·         Prepares and corrects class assignments, quarterly and other tests as required and submits monthly and quarterly activity reports to APM.

·         Monitors student progress and recommends and/or implements remedial action as required.

·         Provides class management support by acting as class coordinator as assigned by the APM.

·         Executes other responsibilities of a Lecturer.


2.         Consultancy, short courses and research

·         Develops, designs and delivers or facilitate at least 2 non-scheduled courses.

·         Develops, designs and delivers or facilitate at least 1 non-scheduled course or training consultancies per annum, and undertakes 1 research project for publication, presentation and for CAS use as approved by APM and in compliance with the research projects guidelines of CAS.



3.         Administrative and General support


·         Maintains regular office hours for consultation by students and undertaking administrative duties.

·         Contributes to the development of CAS by participating in meetings, committees, task forces and working groups as required.

·         Represents CAS at external meetings or committees if so delegated.


4.         Performance Management and Personal Development

·         Undertakes peer review assignments of other lecturers and subjects him/herself to the peer review as scheduled by the APM.

·         Agrees to the performance standards and targets at the start of each half year with the Management and subjects him/herself to performance evaluation.

·         Undertakes Professional Self-Development activities approved by CAS Management.

·         To assume a designated leadership role in the relevant academic areas required.


5.         Undertakes other relevant duties as required, this may include the role of subject/ module coordinator and or Programme Manager/Coordinator







The lecturer assigned for each course has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the course is planned, organised and delivered to the standards required by the Centre. The responsibilities of each Lecturer will include:


  1. At least three weeks before the start of each teaching semester/term/programme, preparation of a teaching scheme for the course based on review and interpretation of the syllabus, which will specify the topics to be covered, the methodology to be used, the assigned readings etc.


  1. At least two weeks before the start of each teaching semester/term/programme, a lecturer must deposit a copy of the teaching scheme in the library and with APM.


  1. At least one week before the start of each teaching semester/term, a lecturer must hand over a class file that contains the teaching scheme and the assigned readings, tests, assignments etc that are scheduled for the students for the course.


  1. On the first day of class, giving a copy of the teaching scheme to each student.


  1. Advance preparation of all assignments and test material to be used during the course.


  1. Preparation of teaching material eg. slides, handouts etc


  1. Punctuality and attendance of all scheduled courses.


  1. Delivery of the programme of lectures.


  1. Taking class attendance, and reporting any attendance anomalies to the class coordinator.


  1. Maintaining discipline in class and reporting any problems s/he can’t solve to the class coordinator.


  1. Liaising with others lecturers who teach the same subject.


  1. Liaising with the class coordinator in relation to the administrative aspects of the course organisation and delivery.


  1. Attendance at regular meetings with the class coordinator and APM to review progress.


  1. Being available at reasonable times to meet with individual students concerning course related matters.


  1. Reviewing current professional journals, student newsletters etc. to monitor articles and developments relevant to the examinations.


  1. Ensuring that the teaching scheme is kept under continuing review and updated as appropriate.


  1. Undertakes an in-depth analysis and review of examination papers, examination regulations and examiners’ reports and uses these for improving delivery.


  1. Preparation of an end of course report for submission to APM within two weeks after the end of the course.




The role requires somebody who is able to adapt to the changing needs of CAS;

·         Honours Degree in the fields mentioned above plus ACCA/CIMA/CA or any other professional qualification recognised by International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and Lesotho Institute of Accountants (LIA) coupled with 5 years teaching experience in a tertiary institution or 7 years professional experience.

·         Master’s Degree in the fields mentioned above plus ACCA/CIMA/CA or any other professional qualification recognised by IFAC/LIA coupled with 3 years teaching experience in a tertiary institution and 5 years professional experience.

·         Self-driven, proactive, innovative, solution oriented and digitally savvy.

·         Must be prepared to work beyond working hours and/or weekends if necessary.