Best Student Celebration

The best student for 2019 overall is Mathabiso Tsukulu, she achieved the best mark overall in chartered accounting certificate and was consistent in her marks. The center is proud to have produced this brilliant student along with many others with a bright future ahead of them.


What could i have done without the help of God, i am grateful to my parents and all my relatives who gave me support. CAS is the best place one could ever find himself at, i have very high hopes for my future. Thank you CAS. Thabiso Tsukulu.



Other top performing students

  • Palesa Moiloa – Technician Certificate
  • Ntoi Makhaola – Chartered Accounting
  • Palesa Nkhasi – Chartered Accounting
  • Tau Tau – General Accounting

A lot of companies came along to celebrate with the Center for Accounting Studies. They poured gifts on top performing students and we were all overwhelmed. This was a huge motivation to upcoming students to work hard and the morale is high.